Lucia Carmagnola, from Genoa, moved to Milan to study fashion design. Her city of
origin, with its colors, dockyards, damp walls and architectural irregularity has unconsciously influenced her imagination.

"I started designing and creating clothes to satisfy a personal need, I had to feel comfortable with my body and the space around me. By wearing garments made by me, I began to know myself better and consequently gain much more self-confidence. Thus, punto_zero was then born, a way to transform one’s personality in the same way that the number zero is transformed depending on how it is placed. What I create is a flow of languages, meanings, and noises. By telling and expressing myself I create distortions, what I realize are mutations of my ‘self ’. Influenced by the metallic noises of electronic devices, which she constantly uses, she manages to reconcile the concept of the body with them, reading their poetic and philosophical content. The narrative is one of fluid movement, distorted, hidden and uncovered, identically self-repeated and deceptive, occurring in an atmosphere of desolation, inadequacy, and restlessness."

[second skin]

  • handmade

  • knitted